Signs That You Need a Roof Shingles Replacement

It’s Time to Replace Your Roof Shingles!

The roofs of your home keep you, your family, and your property safe from the elements and harsh weather conditions. Since it’s the most exposed part of your home, it’s also the most vulnerable to damage. A leaky roof can cause inconvenience and financial loss. That’s why it should receive regular inspection and maintenance to monitor its condition. Below are some indicators that you need a roof shingles replacement:

Leaky Roof

A leaky roof is one of the signs that your roof needs repair. But if the leak is still under the layer of asphalt shingles, the damage is worse, so be sure to ask for a thorough inspection from your contractor. With their help, you can identify the specific problem. And have a more effective plan. So, be sure to call professionals to help you with all your needs.

Clinging Shingles

Do you understand that shingles are an essential part of a roof? It’s what makes your roof look attractive and fit perfectly. So if some shingles are loose or falling off, it’s not only a sign of your roof’s old age but also a need for a replacement. It’s why you need to check your roof regularly and have it checked by qualified roofers. The pros can schedule a regular check-up for you.

Visualize Leaks

If the shingles are too loose and peeling off your roof, they could cause water damage. To prevent that from happening, call a roofing contractor right away. They can inspect your roof. And they can look for the source of water damage and provide a proper solution. With their help, you can keep your roof in good condition while keeping your family safe.

Need a roof shingles replacement? If you are in Holmdel, NJ, you can always count on Fimi Roofing and Siding to help you. For inquiries and information, contact us at (908) 484-9670 today!

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